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Start an exciting farming tour in The Tribez & take your family with you! The Tribez is not just one of the island games, farm adventures, or family games: it’s a city-building simulator & an adventure, featuring a charming tribe that leads a peaceful village life, growing crops, and taming cute pets!
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The Tribez Mod APK is an exciting, fun, and challenging 3D farm-building game. This Mod is a fun, action-packed, 3D farming experience. You’ll build a fun and engaging farm game where you and your family can live and work together. This game blends a city simulation and an interesting adventure.

Furthermore, on a wonderful island, you’ll meet cute animals, try different activities, have loads of fun, and learn about farming. The game is suitable for everyone. It is a fun, easy-to-play game that you can enjoy with friends or family.

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Download The Tribez Mod APK

The Tribez Mod APK is a mobile game that has been around for quite some time. The game was originally released in 2012 and became an instant hit among gamers of all ages as soon as it came out! The idea behind The Tribez was to create a virtual world, populated by other players.

The goal is to grow your village and become the ruler of your own tribe. You can do this by building houses, planting crops, and gathering resources like wood and stone. The best part about The Tribez Mod APK is the ability to customize the appearance of any player you want!

The Tribez Game Play

The Tribez is a fun and engaging game that challenges you to build and manage your own village. You can choose from three different tribes: Romans, Asians, or Egyptians. Each tribe has its own unique style of building the various structures in its villages.

You can also buy animals such as elephants, lions, and camels for your tribe. The “Seasons” feature is one of the most rewarding aspects of The Tribez. During every season change, your crops will grow and you could earn money to spend on new structures or animals for your village.

The Tribal inhabitants are called Zumas that produce crops. You can choose from different types of fruits by planting them in various regions of the map. All you have to do is gather enough resources and start building!

Features of The Tribez APK

Here are detailed features of The Tribez Game for you. Have a look below and become a master of this awesome game.

1- Gather resources quickly by tapping on your map.

2- No waiting time, tap to play!

3- Fight for victory against powerful enemies.

4- Talk with your friends, help them win their combats, and get rare resources as a reward.

5- Find ancient relics and unique structures in unknown lands!

6- No internet is needed for this game. You can enjoy playing it at your home.

7- Bright and colorful graphics make the game even more fun to play.

8- Build your village into a large empire!

9- A wide variety of buildings will allow you to produce goods like never before!  Manufacture wood, stone, food, leather, iron, wool, and many other goods unique to each type of terrain!

10- Farm crops on your farms and supply your village with delicious food.

11- Trade goods in the marketplace to earn a profit.  The better you get at trading, the higher price you’ll be able to sell for.

12- The market prices change every minute – keep an eye on them!

13- Hire assistants who can work in the fields, mines, and workshops to boost production.

14- Craft new items like never before!

15- Make unique buildings like homes, temples, or special production buildings using blueprints.  Houses allow you to store resources and unlock unique game features!

16- Attract new citizens to your village with special buildings like taverns and theaters.

17- Enchant items to make them stronger.

18- The spirit of fortune favors the brave. Collect mysterious treasure boxes that will boost your production speed, give you gifts, or allow you to summon new assistants to help out in the mines.

19- Enjoy spectacular real-time graphics and effects!

20- Play offline – no internet connection required.

21- No combat, competition, or timers of any kind here; you can take your time and explore the game at your own pace.

22- Create an empire for yourself! Build majestic towers to celebrate your success.

23- Upgrade your buildings for even more impressive production! Build houses, relocate villagers to new houses, craft items together in the temple, and much more!

24- Summon mighty dragons using magic eggs found in mysterious chests. Once they are grown up, your dragons will provide you with rare goods necessary for upgrading some of your buildings or crafting advanced items.

25- You can take your dragon to the arena and train it in order to win battles and receive fantastic rewards.  Everyone who fights their own dragons will be jealous of you!

Features of The Tribez Mod APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Crystal
  • Ads Free
  • Free Shopping

Common FAQs about The Tribez Mod APK

Many players are interested in the mod version of The Tribez APK, here are some common questions.

What is Mod Version?

Mod or Modified version means an APK file that has been modified by someone who wants to have fun and share it with other people. Their feature might be bugs, unlimited gems, higher levels, speed, better scores, and so on.

Do I Need a Rooted Device?

No, you do not need a rooted device if the mod APK is for Android 4.0 or above. You can install it as normal APK files from Google Play Store without any problem.

What Is The Difference Between Mod and Original APK?

The difference between the mod and the original version is the code. Mod APK has been modified by someone who wants to share it with other people. Such as unlimited gems, speed up time, and others. Please be careful with your device security because there might be viruses or malware inside. Be sure to check the file size and mod version.

How do I Play The Tribez Mod APK?

Just install mod version APK as you normally install any apps from Google Play Store with the same account that you use to play the original version. Please note that there are some old devices that cannot run or load an app for more than 300MB so try using the original APK file first before trying mod APK.

How to find Mod APK?

You can find them on several forums or extra-local app stores if you are searching for The Tribez unlimited gems, speed uptime, and so on. Please note that some mods are not compatible with your device because of the code difference.

Is it Legal or Illegal?

No, you do not need to be afraid of The Tribez Mod APK because they are 100% free and legal. Except for the ones that contain viruses, malware, or other bad things so be sure to check it before installing.


As you can see, the Tribez Mod APK is a great way to take your gaming experience with the game of Tribez to new levels. If you’re already an avid player of this addictive and fun app then we urge you to try out one (or more) of these amazing hacks and cheats today! You won’t regret it!

What's new

Dear friends welcome our fresh update!
The Tribez team continues to work on technical improvement of the game. Today we have prepared a new batch of innovations for you: so that you be more comfortable playing. Also, we fixed some bugs. Please update the game to continue your adventures in the world of The Tribez!



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