Badland Brawl Mod APK 2022 Version [Unlimited Money]

Download the latest and free Version of Badland Brawl Mod APK and fight against enemy mobs in a 3D arena and complete various quests.
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Download Badland Brawl Mod APK 2022

If you are looking for an exciting, new game to play on your Android device that is both challenging and fun, then download the Badland Brawl Mod APK today. This version of the popular game includes a ton of changes that make it more interesting than ever before.

You can upgrade your character with tons of different items in order to customize their abilities so they suit your playing style. Beat down hordes of enemies while taking them out one by one or try your hand at fighting against other players online! The possibilities are endless when you have access to this great modded app.

Badland Brawl Game Play

The fighting types in Badland Brawl are very interesting as each one has its own advantages and disadvantages against others, depending on different factors such as range, speed, etc; but the most important factor is the character’s abilities.

Depending on how you build your load-out, certain characters will become much more effective than others. Since there are no fixed moves in this game, players need to be strategic about what skills they choose at any time and which combination of them is best suited for their needs.

This makes Badland Brawl incredibly challenging as the opponent can use whatever ability he wants at any time so predicting what’s coming next can be very difficult until it happens.

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Features of Badland Brawl APK

When you are invited to play Badland Brawl, you are getting an invite to one of the most fun iOS games ever. The game is like many other typical fighting games but it has some unique features that make it extremely addictive and very challenging.

Free ios game

Badland Brawl is a tactical fighting game that requires thinking about the opponent before engaging. It’s not an easy game but it is very enjoyable, with simple controls and powerful attacks.

Some of the most important features are;

Unlockable characters

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new fighters one by one to play as or against. You need to be careful however because each character has its own unique set of abilities that will make it more suitable for some tasks than others.

Single-player mode

This is a very important feature because if you want to hone your fighting skills in the game, you are going to have plenty of hours on playing this single-player mode against bots or learning how to improve your strategy. It’s really challenging but extremely rewarding once you get the hang of it.

Multiplayer Mode

Play against other players in synchronous and asynchronous modes, making battles even more exciting. You can choose who controls what character or do an equal share of control over all characters involved in the duel. Not only that but there are also daily challenges where you can compete with other players around the world and win some nice rewards.


The badland brawl mod allows you to customize your character’s abilities with those of other players. Each player can create a specific load-out and benefit from its unique features during the match, including passive and active abilities that will give you an upper hand on opponents.

This is exciting because each fight is different depending on what skills you choose to use at any time; there is no one strategy that works for this game so it will always be more of a challenge than anything else.

Advantages of playing Badland Brawl

  • The single-player mode is well developed with many features
  • Multiplayer mode offers synchronous and asynchronous options where you can fight against other players without having to wait between turns
  • Customization options are great because they allow players to create their own load-outs

Disadvantages of playing Badland Brawl

  • Bugs in some versions
  • have limited connectivity with multiplayer mode

Features of Badland Brawl Mod APK

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Badland Brawl Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!

Installation Guide of Badland Brawl Mod APK (Unlimited Gems)

Many users are confused about how to download and install Badland Brawl Mod APK file. But here you don’t need to worry, because here you can get complete guidance about downloading and installation.

Moreover, you can use all of the premium features once you install the modded version of the APK file. Let’s discuss the steps.

Mod Apk download and installtion guide

    1. Download: Simply just click the download button given at the top.
    2. Allow Unknown Sources: Allow the unknown installation sources from your device by clicking setting and then security.
    3. Install: After completion of downloading, open the folder where you saved the APK and click the APK file.
    4. Follow Instructions: Properly install the Mod APK by following the setup instructions.
    5. Launch & Enjoy: Your download is ready to use, click the icon and enjoy.

Common FAQs of Badland Brawl Mod APK 

Why I don’t see any update for this mod version?

It means that the mod is updated to the latest version. Please download and install it to use.

What should I do if there are no new features in the newest version?

You can try uninstalling and re-installing this mod again to update it. Or download another mod version based on your device configuration, eg: if you are using Adreno GPU then download the v1.4c mod instead of v1.4a

How many players in the game will be shown in Badland Brawl Mod APK?

This game is limited to 4 players only. That means only 4 players can join the game, either AI or human-controlled characters.

How can we quit Badland Brawl Mod APK?

You can simply click to home button and back again to make it quit or you can turn off your device’s power (if you are using a mobile).


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What's new

  • New Brawl Pass with new rewards
  • Balanced Clones
  • Tweaked menus
  • Runes
  • Bug fixes
  • Stability fixes
  • Tweaked menus
  • Runes
  • Bug fixes
  • Stability fixes



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